The Story of a Photographer

Hi, I'm kenz. i'm a 29 year old self taught Photographer in the South Huron area. photography is a simple way for me to escape my reality, get me out of the house to explore and be grounded with the earth and wildlife. I can become so introverted that I can hide away, and with that - photography gets me out of it. It pulls me toward the bodies of water, the back roads, the woods. It brings me face to face with people I would have never met otherwise, it brings me close to nature and wildlife and the beautiful world we live in and quite frankly, take so easily for granted. Photography is a friendship, it's peace and calm, it is love - every time I press that shutter button it gives me butterflies. Nothing has given me so much joy then exploring and sharing the world through my eyes - through my lens. So please enjoy my photography.